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Your house is not just your biggest asset. It’s probably the place where you built a home, started a family or planned a future. Moving home is not just expensive, it can be emotional as well. It’s important that you choose an agent who cares as much about your experience throughout the process as they do about the sale.

We understand that selling your home can be stressful and confusing. That’s why we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you. Agreeing a sale is just the tip of the iceberg – we’ll be right by your side all the way through to the final signature.

1. Proactive sales progression

We know this isn’t the first part of the process – we can talk about the sales part next. It is, however, one of the most important, because it causes the most worry. We estimate that 80% of the work happens after the sale is agreed, and that includes keeping your sale on track.

Unlike other agencies, we won’t disappear after your sale is agreed. Our team contact you on a weekly basis so that you know exactly what’s happening. We won’t just call you – we stay in touch with your buyer, manage the whole chain and speak with the solicitors too. Just like the terrier instincts of our Mascot, Trouser the Schnauzer, we are tenacious when it comes to following up on the details and getting the job done.

2. A friendly and informed sales team

You’ll know yourself that when you are buying something, the right approach matters. We don’t need pushy salesmen – we’re confident that we’ve got the marketing right in the first place, and we’re bringing in the best buyers to view. In fact, we’ve received consistent compliments on our friendly yet professional approach, and our high sales record speaks for itself.

You also need to know that you can get on with the rest of the team; after all, you’ll be speaking with us regularly for the next few months. We are very approachable, with a great sense of humour. And no matter who you speak to, every member of our team will know what’s happening with your sale, so you’re not left waiting for answers.

As one of our clients said, “Thank you for being the best estate agents, councillors and life coaches that a very confused family could wish for.”

3. Inspiring photography

No one buys a house that looks dreary and depressing. We want potential buyers to look at your photographs and feel at home before they even view. We’re very particular about making sure your house looks good – and we’ve developed quite the reputation for only selling ‘nice houses’.

There’re a few things we insist on, too. We take photographs that look fantastic – no rainy days, thank you – and are accurate too. We don’t want viewers turning up and feeling misled. And we insist on taking fresh new photographs if the sale takes a little longer, so that your garden reflects the right season and we’re always up to date.

4. Beautiful brochures

Most buyers find your home online first now. We take great pride in the presentation of your online sales particulars – each one is a virtual brochure that’s carefully designed and worded to market your home in the best possible light.

That doesn’t mean there’s no place for printed details too. Your potential buyers will be presented with a beautifully printed brochure on high quality card, using the very best ink, so that they know how proud we are of your home.

5. Accurate valuations

The first thing you do when selling your home is call in the estate agents to give you a valuation. You’re about to drown in statistics and promises. Here’s what you need to remember. Some agents get paid a wage, whether they sell your house or not.

We only get paid once your house is sold – three months later when the contracts are signed. We want to make sure you reach that point efficiently and aren’t left sitting on the shelf. We offer an honest property valuation, explain the market position and provide comparable sales information so you understand our appraisal.

6. Plenty of feedback

We bring total clarity to the entire transaction and will keep you informed every step of the way. At any one time you will always know what we have done, are currently working on and intend to do in the future.

We understand that not everyone can speak during office hours or prefer more modern ways of communication. If email, text or WhatsApp is what you prefer, that is how we will contact you.

7. Proactive sales negotiation

Once you have received an offer you want to know that we are working on your behalf to achieve the best possible price and find the most suitable buyer. Our vetting process also means a sale will only be agreed to a buyer who has proved to us they have the means to complete the purchase.

8. Effective advertising

Let’s be honest – every agent uses the same sites. Buyers are looking on Rightmove, On the Market and Boomin. Our advantage is that our adverts stand out. Your house will be the one with blue skies, green gardens and photography that should be in home design magazines. Your house will have detailed floorplans, accurate room dimensions, an EPC and all the details a buyer wants to know up front.

9. A database of eager buyers

We don’t just build relationships with sellers – we care about buyers too. Our database of potential house buyers is micromanaged. When we list your house, we already know who to call because we know it’s ideal for them. We are so proactive in our selling that we often don’t get a chance to list your property online before you’re already getting viewings.

We are also active on social media, and have more followers than other independent agents locally, helping to get your property noticed.

10. And finally - Local knowledge and honest selling

If you needed another reason to choose us as your estate agents, we think this is the most important. Downes and Daughters are an independent agency, not some anonymous national brand. We live in Whittington. Our children go to the school in Lichfield and play sports with local clubs. We shop and dine out locally and enjoy Lichfield’s vibrant city centre as much as we can.

This means that when we’re talking to buyers, we have honest insight into the area and make sure they see the real benefits of your house, not just the distance from the nearest train station. We’ve built strong relationships with solicitors and other parties and can get honest updates on progress. We care about the service we offer, because when we bump into you at a café in town, we can hold our heads up high.

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